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Social Network Vs Face to face Contact


websites such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn has caused a major change in communication culture. These sites have become places where people can meet friends, potential partners, and even employers. Now, people join Facebook groups where they receive updates online instead of engaging local community organizations that meet weekly. However, some say that communication these days are rapidly losing the personal touch as a result of these sites. They say that social networking sites, though useful, can never substitute for sincerity and social experience to get out there, meet people and communicate face to face.

Face to face contact

Many followers face to face communication use psychology as their main source of arguments. According to them, face to face communication has many key advantages, such as increasing people’s lives both socially and psychologically. Having face to face connections can make an individual healthier. It also promotes behaviors that are beneficial for the growth of the entire community.

Some believe that the lack of participation and communities to encourage the population that is not socially oriented. Instead of making people socially oriented, social networking is to produce self-reliant individuals who do not realize the importance of close communities.

However, to be honest, face-to-face communication is difficult to maintain.

Social Networking

Undeniably enough, this allows people to form a strong, intimate communities that are not blocked by many factors that affect the most face-to-face communication. First, online communities do not have geographical boundaries.

Second, find some things easier to send a more detached, less personal way. Face to face communication improves some of the ingredients to the mix, the ingredients do not invite open, honest communication. Some of these ingredients are competitiveness, insecurity over the appearance, proud people, the fear of being embarrassed, fear of saying the wrong thing, and so on. With this, people can forget about games and just communicate and interact over the Internet gives them time to think about what they are going to say. Although it personally, providing online communications just enough anonymity so that people can express themselves more freely, without worrying about what they wear and how they look. Furthermore, perhaps the biggest advantage of social networks, in fact, is how it has given voice even introverts.

Similar to the impact of mobile phones, the impact of this type of networks have, in the end led to people who are more connected to one another, not because they see each other daily or regularly, but because they can talk another when they want to through the Internet. And even if friends will be separated by geographical distance, social network makes sure that the connection remains unchanged.

benefits of social networks in how people communicate, connect, and communication is undeniable, and even as critics continue to argue against it, to move towards online communication is not showing any signs of check.


Real Life Social Network Stories


Social Networking. It’s fun, it’s powerful.

Today was lunch with a colleague (Janice) I have not seen in four years. She worked for a company in town that made a lot of business with my old company (Interactive Ink).

She held out for quotes I posted on LinkedIn. I remember sending quotes because I was a little nervous about it. You see, I began to be more yourself, more authentic.

I read a lot of books, blogs and articles that have nothing to do with my work. They are motivating and inspiring.

I decided that week to send some quotes that were helping me get more motivated and passionate about the work. I love what I do and that’s what I was sending, citing that doing what you love and trust the money will follow.

Janice said that after reading my posts, she thought, “Kathy has some interesting things to happen – I’ll link to it again.” She also took the time to fill out a lot recommendations for me on LinkedIn

Here is another good example:

on Facebook, I was lead to the artist who painted silk. Joy Silk. Since then, lots of pictures of beautiful work, so I clicked on the “Like” button.

The next day, I received an email (on Facebook) from the owner offer me 20% of the order FOREVER since I became a fan (or the like). I thought it was such a great idea that I sent it back and told her. Within a few minutes, she sent me, thanked me and asked to do business with me!

She went to my Facebook page (personal one) and got my business and liked what she read!

this is what social networking is about :. Making connections with people or companies that you never would have found otherwise, to connect with people or businesses that you already know, to get to know them better, and rely on excellent customer relationships

business is done with them you know and trust

cool stuff

Remember: .. Share your passion! Affiliate. Discuss. And be Authentic!


Social Networking Apps for Android tablets


The last few years have witnessed a dramatic increase in popularity of social networking websites. While some social media portals like MySpace and Orkut have become obsolete, are billions of users logged in to the site such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. There are several reasons that can be attributed to the success of social media platforms. Firstly, to provide a new generation of websites a lot of features for users to share digital, while keeping the design simple and clutter-free. Second, it is now possible to share high-resolution photos and play online games through these portals, which is a major boost to user participation. However, the availability of social media apps on smartphones like Android has allowed users to stay connected to these sites, regardless of time and place. Here we discuss some of the popular social networking apps available on the Android platform

a. Facebook: It is arguably the most popular social networking website on the planet, which is why it is not surprising that the app is one of the most downloaded applications on the entire Google Play platform. Users can do almost everything that is possible on the web version, which is why it is now preferred by millions of smartphone owners. Moreover, the availability of Facebook Messenger makes it very easy to chat with Facebook friends, thereby increasing user activity.

b. Google+: Experts believe that the Google+ Android app to be one of the Best Social Media applications on mobile platforms. In fact, many believe that the app is even better than the original web version again. The biggest advantage of this app is that it can seamlessly integrate with other Google apps like Maps refuge and to provide enhanced social networking experience.

c. Twitter: Popular for simple yet effective premise, Twitter is as successful in driving smartphone users to stay connected to their platform. It is incredibly simple to send tweets and updates on the people you are following.

d. Instagram: Photography is the latest obsession among mobile social network users, which is why Instagram is one of the most downloaded applications on Android. It can give a plain mobile photos look interesting, which can then be shared on different social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

e. LinkedIn: While there is a dedicated social platform for professionals and students, it has a huge fan following in the Android field. The app beautiful summaries of all its features, and can help you to browse through profiles and jobs.


Social Networks Impact on Marketing Industry


Social media marketing is a method of advertising that makes use of social networking services to increase web presence. Online social networking offers internet users a method to connect and share information with other individuals and groups who share common interests and goals. Social Network Marketing is the latest and most cost effective way of marketing on the web. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter can provide a vital link between new or existing web presence and your target audience. Social network marketing offers great opportunities for retailers, both online and off. An immense and growing popularity of social network sites has led to a stampede of marketers vying for some of the traffic.

Social media marketing, when viewed from a marketing stand point, is better in terms of promoting products and services because the approach is much more personal. You get to interact with your clients when you use social networking as you marketing tool. Social network marketing is cost effective because it costs almost nothing. By logging on the site such as MySpace or Facebook and create a profile, you will start your journey in this exciting new way.

Social media marketing has proven to be a very viable way to grow your online business. In fact, it seems that many employers rely mainly on a social network for online marketing. Social network marketing is definitely a great opportunity for your business. Social networking allows you as a business website owner to expand your business. Social network marketing is the new buzzword in Internet marketing circles. However, every social networking and bookmarking website is different and requires its own marketing its strategies to make the most of it.

Social media marketing also aids with decreasing costs of advertising and marketing. Some social networking websites can be very effective marketing needs as well as exposing products and services to a higher customer base. Social network marketing training and much more. You have your leads, only you have access to your leads. Social network marketing is a lot like this. You do not want a social network service or its users to think that you are only using their services to market to people.

Facebook, the largest Social site with 400 million users and if used correctly you will create hundreds if not thousands of loyal subscribers. These are some of the major gripes my bad behavior ‘on Facebook that could kill your business. Facebook has led the way with applications for social networking, but all major networking sites have since implemented or plan to implement similar measures to encourage greater interactivity. Facebook, at 350 million users worldwide, is the premier destination for marketers in the US and many international markets. It will surpass its former rival, MySpace, in ad revenue in 2010.

Millions more are invested in other technologies Social Media Marketing as websites like Facebook and MySpace offer increasing opportunities for businesses to reach potential customers . Millions of dollars have been made by marketers who have mastered posting ads on Craigslist. Craigslist allows free advertising, but to really work on Craigslist you will have multiple ads running in many popular Craigslist to pay.

Web presence is established by the search engines to be able to collect enough data on the business to where it seems that you’re company is “significant”. As you know, there are millions of websites out there, and most of them are impossible to find unless you either know the company “address, or they show up in a search engine. Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing is the latest buzz across the internet today. The fact that Social Marketing internet marketing strategies Most Successful Internet Marketers substantially more popularity it has today.

Create branded video channel to show your products or services. Sponsor appropriate video. Create a viral buzz about striking, compelling, and calls information that best identifies the product. You want communities (social and professional) excited about the products and services not only individuals (e-mail driven).


Social Networking – How social networks influence Consumers


by online social networking as a tool can make improvements to the business and the consumer. Inside the organization or association, online networks with even the basic format of experience, location, and interested individuals can reduce their time required for organizational problem solving. More great benefits for employees have access to social networks is that it can allow people to organize meetings within companies or outside all online networks. With such technology generated in social networks some concern for employers or employees is that it can reduce staff productivity, because the consumer’s questions are answered online services. Having such network companies available will allow employees to build relationships with consumers. Negative effects of staying in the home for consumers in the long term will eliminate the use of store employees where websites must allow customers to do everything you can do in the store and sometimes more than the store.

Consumers social networking get many benefits from companies. Many possibilities Self Help to customers to help in making decisions on products. Net is to provide such methods of communication such as message boards to provide feedback or discuss products with other consumers on the positive or negative results with their use. Consumers may provide other benefits to their questions and experiences through blogs, e-mail, and even chat online with employees. Opportunities to consumers are endless with social networks. Consumers are luxuries to shop online, pay bills, get information about specials companies provide. This allows consumers to interact with businesses in the privacy of their own home.

Having consumers interact with companies allows them to find the part. In some cases it may be advantageous or negative impact for employees. If customers have access to the company website, but they can receive a variety of answers to their questions on the contrary be face to face with company representatives who can not have all the answers needed in an efficient time frame that can be of great benefit. This can provide customers with the ability not to have to call the phone company or make unnecessary visits to the company store. Having a business website is not only the relationship between consumers and businesses, but also provides great satisfaction within the individual to be able to find your own answer.

If you are out to attract prospective customers and develop your online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about Internet marketing and social networks.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I’ve just created a brand-new my step-by-step instructions for developing Internet marketing success, “ 27 Habits of Internet Marketing Super Stars”

Download it for free here: Secrets Internet Marketing


What is Social Networking?


Have you been asking yourself, what is social networking? Social networking is done using many social groups out there that media marketing company. This type of marketing is one of the fastest growing and least expensive ways to reach potential customers. Many companies and small businesses have found that using this type of marketing that they have been able to brand themselves like never before.

Let’s take a look at some of the social sites and once you try it you can find out that there is a lot of fun as well

Facebook -. Facebook was originally launched in 2004 and is open to each of thirteen and older. Facebook was originally intended for use by college students but opened to all in 2006. Since 2006, Facebook has grown steadily to become one of the largest social network on the internet. Intimate rivals, MySpace, has been losing momentum while Facebook continues to grow by leaps and bounds

Twitter -. Twitter is the latest of social sites and has become internationally famous thanks to many celebrities who want to talk about their daily activities. You may recall Tweet competition Ashton Kutcher had with CNN. Twitter has become a daily ritual for many users and because of the rapid growth of many strategies have been implemented to make money from its use.

Twitter users send out “tweets”, which is kind of like sending out a short instant messages. Short messaging platform, people from all walks of life send out their tweets every day for personal and business use. Examples of business use would be to send out a tweet when you make a new post on your blog. Your followers will then be able to see what you’ve been working and pay a visit to the new post, hopefully you have connected to your main website. But as always, the quality of your post should be first with the amount of the other

MySpace -. MySpace began in 2003 to compete with other social sites like Friendster. MySpace continues to have a loyal following of users who want to keep in touch with friends and family. Set up profiles is relatively easy with step by step instructions that are given when you register. During setup you can add photos, school information and even your business information. In the past year or so, MySpace has lost some of its edge because of the growing popularity of Facebook and Twitter, but it continues to be a place worth looking into.

From Internet marketing point of view, the social network can be as productive as placing ads on websites and will be much easier on your wallet. With Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to market your business will allow a whole new audience to see what you have to offer. Take this opportunity to brand yourself with a lot of unique and useful content and watch internet business grow. Good luck and best wishes, Tim Stokes.


Impact of Social Networking in today’s society



Social interaction has long been the main feature of the Internet since its inception. When people get the conspiracy theories that the computer was a military weapon that was used to control them, they were soon to recognize the immense capacity and capabilities of your computer.

One such capability is now so widespread among almost all men, it has become a way of life in this twenty-first centuries. Is, the ability for computers to connect to each other, thereby enabling the creation of forums. These forums allowed discussions among different groups on different topics, as well as being able to send messages. Even in those days the message took ages to send.

In the early messages were sent very slowly and was limited to individuals within a particular locality. Then, to send a message to other individuals who were not in the same area code would require a long distance charge. This was because the computers were connected to the land line phone. But soon the technology improved, and social networking sites becoming more and more popular. Closely knit groups were now expanded into a large global networks, enabling free communication with individuals, even in different countries. Except strongly against technology and this new phenomenon, social web sites now seems really dictate and control how groups meet, greet and reacquaint themselves with friends, family and other institutions.

Structure Social website

Social tissue structures are made up of individuals or institutions within the network called nodes. These nodes are connected or associated with some specific types of cohesion, such as kinship, financial relations, sexual relationships, religious relationships, friendship, common interests, dislikes, knowledge or prestige. Studies have also shown that more women join social websites than men, they tend to be younger than the men involved.

benefits of social network

because of the great cohesion that network tend to operate on many levels, from the ground floor of family and friends to the level of nations. Since playing a key role in determining how the institutions are run, the way in which problems are solved and the extent to which individuals succeed in achieving their goals.

According to scientists, the usefulness of these networks are usually determined by their size. A network that is not open to outsiders tend to not be very useful for its users, as they will be limited to it and they already know. On the other hand, the network is open to non-members, offers its members the opportunity to meet new people with quite possibly new ideas and new and interesting culture. This provides organizations and businesses to market their products and services to a wider population.

social networks managed to bring families gather near, long-lost relatives and friends have been able to find each other with sites such as Face book, MySpace, and Hi5 among others. Election campaigns have been awarded a competitive advantage in the use of social networking sites. It is said that American President Barrack Obama rely heavily on social networking sites like Facebook to manage his campaign for the presidency of the United States in 2009.

Organizations have recognized the competitive advantage that can be obtained, when this network sites to market their products. These sites have been known to assist in the investigation of competitors, providing information on current and future employees of the organization.

Another benefit of these sites is the social capital derived from their use. This social capital is the amount of users who signed up to use these pages. Sites such as Facebook and MySpace have mentionable social capital as they have over one hundred million users log on to their website. The market value of these sites are also determined by how much the market will pay for the site, online brand-building potential, advertising revenue, the number of users register on the site and search engine optimization among others.

In recent times, has been a consistent increase in the number of sites submitting patent applications to protect new technologies that have been created for the social networking site. There are approximately over one hundred social networking sites in operation now range Dating Sites religious sites, and even lifted in specific sectors.

With the economic down again it will probably be less of these positions being created or begin until some improvement in the global economy. Those who are still around and are doing well find themselves getting better, as organizations continue to recognize the value added to their products and services when they use these sites to market their products.


Because the majority of websites do not charge a fee for entry to their income is derived from advertising posted to the site. 2010 Facebook earned an estimated $ 1.1 billion in advertising revenue alone.

Tips to attract and retain users

Many users will use the site for the first time, but they may never return. One of the factors that advertisers look for when deciding whether or not to market their products and services in a given area, the number of users signed on it. Because attracting and retaining users will be very important to the creators or owners of these sites.

Because there are so many sites to choose from, owners will sometimes need to find a creative way to get users to sign up. Some ways that site owners can attract and retain users, offering free items design, offering them the opportunity to enter more than once, and also offer them attractive gifts so that they will want to sign. Users must be able to rely on a site that they subscribe to. So privacy settings must be set so that users are constantly reassured that their privacy will not be violated.

Authors should also ensure that their sites have the ability to support the upload videos in any format, as this feature is usually important to users. This is a feature that most organizations use to market their product. But not everyone knows how to make a video that will create millions of hits.


What is Social Networking today?


What is Social Networking? Before the internet we would probably have said that we were talking about a group of friends and get together or keep in touch. However, the Internet has changed the way we think about “get together” and “keep in touch.” Today “get together” can mean meeting in chat as easily as it can mean to meet at Starbucks. Keeping in touch is made online as much or more as talking on the phone, unless you texting over the phone that has changed speak.

When we talk about “social networking” we often talk about online socializing. O.K., so what is something online? There’s millions of people across every social, economic and geographical barriers share information and experiences with each other. Facebook alone has over 500 million registered users. Social networking websites have become more sophisticated societies provide users with information, friendship, advice, entertainment and the list goes on and on.

When we talk online social networks and ask ‘what is social networking? ” We ask “what is the social network” worldwide. And the answer is that it is very exciting; we can become online friends with people we’ll probably never been outside line. It is also the place to be for local and international business. Online services like Amazon and Craigslist has changed the way we buy, sell, exchange, hiring and volunteers. Although we can not consider ecommerce sites social network platforms we expect to see the comments of others on these sites. Let’s face it, shopping has evolved into a social experience and the mall is now online.

My point is that while online network covers all public sites like Facebook, business sites like LinkedIn, educational sites such as this TV series Addict sites like Miso, cyclists sites like Pedal room, blood donor sites like i-Blood, you name it, it’s there. Most people consider the social networking site a place to socialize.

But employers follow buyers and buyers are online. More people over 50 are joining online networking than any other segment of the population. The over 50 generations, because of the sheer volume of their significantly affect every market they touch. Online entrepreneurs have noticed and are doing online social networking experience acceptable to the older population. Why online market is so concerned about the over 50 set?

Aside from the fact that they control the majority of the purse strings, they tend to be loyal to a brand or service. Online moving to more stable market, it is this generation not navigate not net as much as others. Therefore, marketers can make their ads more effectively. Why do I bring all this commerce functionality when the question is what is social networking? Because social networking is present because advertisers are willing to pay big bucks to reach the online buyers. So nice to the advertiser and older newbies because they are a big reason why we can enjoy the social networking experience.

And it will only get bigger the online buyers have found that online shopping is safe and comfortable. Obviously, just as you’re thinking about individuals online you have to be careful with the company. However, companies providing products and services online found that their customers have a huge audience available to them online and if they are not treated fairly, they let everyone know about it through their social networks. Indeed, it is a great system that works very well.

As you can see, it is difficult to say what social networking is because it is developing so fast. Rather than trying to define what social networking is, consider what you can do with social networking before you jump in. These networks are complex because people are complex and social networks are networks of people not computers. As you look to join a social networking community Keep These Thoughts in Mind

Always remember why you’re there. Whatever the reason, be in accordance with the purpose.

Use your time wisely and do not waste time or other you can find yourself on the outside looking in.

Keep your communication informative, short and simple.

Be positive. A “thank you” for help or information will go a long way to establish yourself as someone who belongs

Slow Down. forming relationships takes time. Get to know people, let people get to know you. Work to build a relationship with them.

A social network is a group of like-minded people to share. You may need to do business together, share community experiences, family experiences, whatever. Remember that we are all people, we want to contribute, to be helpful, learn, grow and we believe have value. That’s what social networking is or soon will be.


Social Media vs Social Networking: What is the difference



The growing culture, technology is thriving, giving way to incredible advances. Internet technology has improved communications hundred fold, allowing people from all over the world and all walks of life to participate in the forum.

Social media and social networks have had any major impact on the way businesses are run and how people interact with one another. While most people use the words “social media” and “social networking” interchangeably, there are some distinct, subtle differences. Let’s take a look at these differences.

Defining terms

Simply put, social media is a way to send or share information with the general audience. As long as you have a computer connected to the Internet can participate in social media. Everyone has a chance to create and distribute information. Consider the concept of the media in the past dominated by TV, newspapers, magazines, and so on. Social media away from the static image to create a real sense of interactivity.

Social networking is the act of participation and connection. Groups of like-minded people with common interests and people with totally different views of the world come together through various social networking sites to build relationships through the community.


Both social media and social networks encourage communication, but communication is a little different. In the world of social networking, communication two-way street. People can gather around a topic of interest to share similar experiences, but it’s much more akin to a simple way. With the conversations users develop relationships.

Social media is more of a communication channel, such as TV or radio. It is a format designed to transfer messages and information. Social media is not a place you visit, but simply a way to distribute information.

Responses and effort

Between the two, social media is hard work. Unless your company is already well known, can not create overnight following nor can automate conversations. Getting into social media is an ongoing task.

Social networking is direct communication between the parties, which often leads to a much richer, personal conversations. Even better, the network grows the more you communicate. Creating a “social network” does not take nearly as much time, but you still have to invest a lot of time with that network.

blurring Lines

Twitter and Facebook probably the most popular social platforms out there today-have done discerning between social media and social networking a little bit difficult because they do actual use both. They crawl perfectly line between the two, allowing users to have a unique, personal conversations but also to share interactive information.


Social Networking – How it


Social networking is no longer an option for anyone selling products or services. And I’m not talking about someone who sells products and services online. I’m talking about everyone that sells products and services. Social media is becoming part of everyday life customers. And it’s not like reading a newspaper. Online everyone can say what they want, which may go viral. It is just as true for international companies as it is for the individual.

However, it is easy to solve this task. Develop social media image as a straight shooter who wants to be part of the community and the community member who gives rather than takes. Easier said than done, by the way. For you traditionalists, I do not believe it can be done online by advertising alone.

This old saying that “the perception of something limited by personal experience” is so true, especially as it relates to social media. Anyone not familiar with social media has a tendency to try to make it fit into the traditional media that they are familiar with and it just does not.

However, it is not why you’re reading this article. You want to know how to use social networking to increase your customers, increase traffic to your store or website and get new business.

Let’s talk about exposure first. The first thought is, how can I get the greatest amount of exposure for the least amount of money? When dealing with social networking goal is to let the network exposure. You can do some strategic advertising, though the bulk of your costs should come from payments to social media in your house employee or consultant. Do not advertise – communication

OK, while you are in a relationship, how do you maximize traffic to your website or capture page.? Traffic is not as important as targeted traffic. You’re not just interested visitors to your site more visitors who are looking for what you have to offer and can recommend your site to others. Here again the goal is to let the network to provide you with traffic. How does this work? This is going to sound very simple declarer component of advertising, however, you need to get people to like you and want to be your friend.

Social networking is all about people, people do not make friends with businesses or products; People make friends with people. That is why Network Marketing is so well suited for Social Media Marketing. Network Marketing is a one-to-one business model. Social media sites, like Facebook, is to create a new Network Marketing revolution.

Let’s get back to friends. While I do not have space in this article also go to many specific questions, let me tell you, friends online are not as friends in the physical world. You will probably never meet your online friends face to face, though they think they know you, that you are sincere and that you care about them. How do you think? If you are asking that question you’ve just answered one of the other questions. That is, you hire more counselors and try to train someone in the house to run a social media program.

And, by the way, you have to have a social media plan. There are soon going to be 2 billion people online worldwide. Facebook alone has over 500 million users worldwide. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube enjoy over 200 million users in the United States. Facebook is the largest and demographics suggest that the fastest growing group on Facebook, the United States, is women ages 54 to 64. These are the women who control the majority (some 85%) in purchasing decisions. These are the customers and the only way you’re going to be able to stay in touch with them constantly online is through social media program.

A program is easy, but not simple to install. The easy part is that you just need to decide that you are going to do it. Most marketers want to make social network marketing fit into their understanding of how marketing works. Always remember social media networks are set up to make money for advertisers so that social media networks can continue to exist. Advertisers are keen to attract buyers. Traditional advertisers think would say WOW, we have all these potential customers in a particular platform, all we have to do is create some advertising and specify the “got-jm.”

Unfortunately, most social networkers cares for advertising ‘, they click through them and if you get too pushy with them, they go to some other network. However, most social networkers love people.

My recommendation is for people to set up a policy that uses Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to funnel people on their blog. Yes, that’s right Blogs are becoming popular again as bloggers become adept at providing succinct, meaningful content to their friends. From Blog they can be directed to your website or capture page. Social environment, like Facebook, is finding ways to allow you to reach all of their platform so that their advertisers can get a crack in traffic.

In my view, they are not there yet. Develop a funnel to encourage your market to want to meet you on the blog. And then let them decide to join, buy or take action that will benefit both. The most important, share your knowledge, expertise and thoughts freely on the various social media platforms.