Impact of Social Networking in today’s society



Social interaction has long been the main feature of the Internet since its inception. When people get the conspiracy theories that the computer was a military weapon that was used to control them, they were soon to recognize the immense capacity and capabilities of your computer.

One such capability is now so widespread among almost all men, it has become a way of life in this twenty-first centuries. Is, the ability for computers to connect to each other, thereby enabling the creation of forums. These forums allowed discussions among different groups on different topics, as well as being able to send messages. Even in those days the message took ages to send.

In the early messages were sent very slowly and was limited to individuals within a particular locality. Then, to send a message to other individuals who were not in the same area code would require a long distance charge. This was because the computers were connected to the land line phone. But soon the technology improved, and social networking sites becoming more and more popular. Closely knit groups were now expanded into a large global networks, enabling free communication with individuals, even in different countries. Except strongly against technology and this new phenomenon, social web sites now seems really dictate and control how groups meet, greet and reacquaint themselves with friends, family and other institutions.

Structure Social website

Social tissue structures are made up of individuals or institutions within the network called nodes. These nodes are connected or associated with some specific types of cohesion, such as kinship, financial relations, sexual relationships, religious relationships, friendship, common interests, dislikes, knowledge or prestige. Studies have also shown that more women join social websites than men, they tend to be younger than the men involved.

benefits of social network

because of the great cohesion that network tend to operate on many levels, from the ground floor of family and friends to the level of nations. Since playing a key role in determining how the institutions are run, the way in which problems are solved and the extent to which individuals succeed in achieving their goals.

According to scientists, the usefulness of these networks are usually determined by their size. A network that is not open to outsiders tend to not be very useful for its users, as they will be limited to it and they already know. On the other hand, the network is open to non-members, offers its members the opportunity to meet new people with quite possibly new ideas and new and interesting culture. This provides organizations and businesses to market their products and services to a wider population.

social networks managed to bring families gather near, long-lost relatives and friends have been able to find each other with sites such as Face book, MySpace, and Hi5 among others. Election campaigns have been awarded a competitive advantage in the use of social networking sites. It is said that American President Barrack Obama rely heavily on social networking sites like Facebook to manage his campaign for the presidency of the United States in 2009.

Organizations have recognized the competitive advantage that can be obtained, when this network sites to market their products. These sites have been known to assist in the investigation of competitors, providing information on current and future employees of the organization.

Another benefit of these sites is the social capital derived from their use. This social capital is the amount of users who signed up to use these pages. Sites such as Facebook and MySpace have mentionable social capital as they have over one hundred million users log on to their website. The market value of these sites are also determined by how much the market will pay for the site, online brand-building potential, advertising revenue, the number of users register on the site and search engine optimization among others.

In recent times, has been a consistent increase in the number of sites submitting patent applications to protect new technologies that have been created for the social networking site. There are approximately over one hundred social networking sites in operation now range Dating Sites religious sites, and even lifted in specific sectors.

With the economic down again it will probably be less of these positions being created or begin until some improvement in the global economy. Those who are still around and are doing well find themselves getting better, as organizations continue to recognize the value added to their products and services when they use these sites to market their products.


Because the majority of websites do not charge a fee for entry to their income is derived from advertising posted to the site. 2010 Facebook earned an estimated $ 1.1 billion in advertising revenue alone.

Tips to attract and retain users

Many users will use the site for the first time, but they may never return. One of the factors that advertisers look for when deciding whether or not to market their products and services in a given area, the number of users signed on it. Because attracting and retaining users will be very important to the creators or owners of these sites.

Because there are so many sites to choose from, owners will sometimes need to find a creative way to get users to sign up. Some ways that site owners can attract and retain users, offering free items design, offering them the opportunity to enter more than once, and also offer them attractive gifts so that they will want to sign. Users must be able to rely on a site that they subscribe to. So privacy settings must be set so that users are constantly reassured that their privacy will not be violated.

Authors should also ensure that their sites have the ability to support the upload videos in any format, as this feature is usually important to users. This is a feature that most organizations use to market their product. But not everyone knows how to make a video that will create millions of hits.


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