Real Life Social Network Stories


Social Networking. It’s fun, it’s powerful.

Today was lunch with a colleague (Janice) I have not seen in four years. She worked for a company in town that made a lot of business with my old company (Interactive Ink).

She held out for quotes I posted on LinkedIn. I remember sending quotes because I was a little nervous about it. You see, I began to be more yourself, more authentic.

I read a lot of books, blogs and articles that have nothing to do with my work. They are motivating and inspiring.

I decided that week to send some quotes that were helping me get more motivated and passionate about the work. I love what I do and that’s what I was sending, citing that doing what you love and trust the money will follow.

Janice said that after reading my posts, she thought, “Kathy has some interesting things to happen – I’ll link to it again.” She also took the time to fill out a lot recommendations for me on LinkedIn

Here is another good example:

on Facebook, I was lead to the artist who painted silk. Joy Silk. Since then, lots of pictures of beautiful work, so I clicked on the “Like” button.

The next day, I received an email (on Facebook) from the owner offer me 20% of the order FOREVER since I became a fan (or the like). I thought it was such a great idea that I sent it back and told her. Within a few minutes, she sent me, thanked me and asked to do business with me!

She went to my Facebook page (personal one) and got my business and liked what she read!

this is what social networking is about :. Making connections with people or companies that you never would have found otherwise, to connect with people or businesses that you already know, to get to know them better, and rely on excellent customer relationships

business is done with them you know and trust

cool stuff

Remember: .. Share your passion! Affiliate. Discuss. And be Authentic!


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