Social Networking – An evolved Form Communication


social networking is not just to make online friends anymore, but has become a powerful business tool. Social networking is the top way to reach beyond geographical boundaries and gain customers from all over the world. Over 150 million people on the planet visit social networking sites every day and is still gaining popularity. It is no longer being used just to share images, video, sound and music or play games.

For Business Social Networking is just evolving form of communication, but not least, it is repeatable immature build a low barrier to entry. This means that we can expect increased competition, market segmentation and impact on fickle consumer base very willing to switch to what your site is new and interesting simply because it is so easy to do it.

Social networking is becoming the de facto communication method of choice for more and more people. It is addictive, media-rich, emphasizes the message and it has the potential to spread, all of which make social networking a natural fit for the mobile space.

This aspect of internet use is having a profound effect on who the users are. Social Networking is liberating. It gives you the opportunity to connect with friends and other like-minded people and to find your own voice online.

Social Networking is not about to show it’s about community. As in all communities, you must have leaders who provide the most benefit to its members but when leaders try to develop a community around it is doomed to failure.

Friends … the people that make you come back for more. This is another form of addiction, too. Friend Feed, for one, will allow them to do this. Combined heals everything users do on all their networks across the entire site so that it can be viewed from one central location.

OpenID is also great for me as a customer. If I want to change my password for all fifteen social networking sites My, I simply change the password when using Windows Live provides me and it is reflected in all the places. OpenID is on track to be the de facto standard to distinguish yourself over the Internet. With that said, people are really starting to look hard at the next thing we can do right now is that we know who everyone is.

Plaze are becoming the closest thing to add to your social presence and time based activity planning features. Plaze adds elements of “place” and “time” to social networks with features that allow people to alert friends of their activity and location; review their own and others their past activities; share their experiences and make plans with friends, who are then able to respond with comments and suggestions and their own information on their location.

talk and see your friends on any social network you are on, even Skype or VoIP is now being offered as a new widget to add all the social networking sites. You can now combine all of social networks platforms, no matter which ones they are.

So as you can see Social Networking is not just to make online friends anymore, but has become a powerful business tool with all the gadgets and appliances needed to make your business successful .


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