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Social networking is no longer an option for anyone selling products or services. And I’m not talking about someone who sells products and services online. I’m talking about everyone that sells products and services. Social media is becoming part of everyday life customers. And it’s not like reading a newspaper. Online everyone can say what they want, which may go viral. It is just as true for international companies as it is for the individual.

However, it is easy to solve this task. Develop social media image as a straight shooter who wants to be part of the community and the community member who gives rather than takes. Easier said than done, by the way. For you traditionalists, I do not believe it can be done online by advertising alone.

This old saying that “the perception of something limited by personal experience” is so true, especially as it relates to social media. Anyone not familiar with social media has a tendency to try to make it fit into the traditional media that they are familiar with and it just does not.

However, it is not why you’re reading this article. You want to know how to use social networking to increase your customers, increase traffic to your store or website and get new business.

Let’s talk about exposure first. The first thought is, how can I get the greatest amount of exposure for the least amount of money? When dealing with social networking goal is to let the network exposure. You can do some strategic advertising, though the bulk of your costs should come from payments to social media in your house employee or consultant. Do not advertise – communication

OK, while you are in a relationship, how do you maximize traffic to your website or capture page.? Traffic is not as important as targeted traffic. You’re not just interested visitors to your site more visitors who are looking for what you have to offer and can recommend your site to others. Here again the goal is to let the network to provide you with traffic. How does this work? This is going to sound very simple declarer component of advertising, however, you need to get people to like you and want to be your friend.

Social networking is all about people, people do not make friends with businesses or products; People make friends with people. That is why Network Marketing is so well suited for Social Media Marketing. Network Marketing is a one-to-one business model. Social media sites, like Facebook, is to create a new Network Marketing revolution.

Let’s get back to friends. While I do not have space in this article also go to many specific questions, let me tell you, friends online are not as friends in the physical world. You will probably never meet your online friends face to face, though they think they know you, that you are sincere and that you care about them. How do you think? If you are asking that question you’ve just answered one of the other questions. That is, you hire more counselors and try to train someone in the house to run a social media program.

And, by the way, you have to have a social media plan. There are soon going to be 2 billion people online worldwide. Facebook alone has over 500 million users worldwide. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube enjoy over 200 million users in the United States. Facebook is the largest and demographics suggest that the fastest growing group on Facebook, the United States, is women ages 54 to 64. These are the women who control the majority (some 85%) in purchasing decisions. These are the customers and the only way you’re going to be able to stay in touch with them constantly online is through social media program.

A program is easy, but not simple to install. The easy part is that you just need to decide that you are going to do it. Most marketers want to make social network marketing fit into their understanding of how marketing works. Always remember social media networks are set up to make money for advertisers so that social media networks can continue to exist. Advertisers are keen to attract buyers. Traditional advertisers think would say WOW, we have all these potential customers in a particular platform, all we have to do is create some advertising and specify the “got-jm.”

Unfortunately, most social networkers cares for advertising ‘, they click through them and if you get too pushy with them, they go to some other network. However, most social networkers love people.

My recommendation is for people to set up a policy that uses Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to funnel people on their blog. Yes, that’s right Blogs are becoming popular again as bloggers become adept at providing succinct, meaningful content to their friends. From Blog they can be directed to your website or capture page. Social environment, like Facebook, is finding ways to allow you to reach all of their platform so that their advertisers can get a crack in traffic.

In my view, they are not there yet. Develop a funnel to encourage your market to want to meet you on the blog. And then let them decide to join, buy or take action that will benefit both. The most important, share your knowledge, expertise and thoughts freely on the various social media platforms.


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