Social Networking – What are the pros and cons



Are you aware of the growing trend of people spend so many hours in front of their computers? Chances are, they could be spending so much time on Twitter or Facebook. Without a doubt, social networking is one of the inevitable forces of site now. Let us examine the advantages and disadvantages of these social networking sites.

Social networking sites opened the door to faster and better communication. Here are the benefits of these sites:


In the fast-paced life of today, social networking is used in the corporate world because of their impact. It has the power to connect people and businesses. It can be used to build relationships and connect with customers. A few years ago, people only stay in touch through e-mails or phone calls. Now, they can connect through the simple medium that is more fun and interactive. And the great thing is that they can share photos and videos, update real-time news, and do all this in a simple and convenient way. Thus, companies use the power of Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites to promote their business.


In the fast mode of communication today, social networking sites allow you to ask for feedback and get it immediately. Thus, you can develop your site, you or brands in a snap. This is a truly powerful way to conduct market research and improving business people down the road.

Low Cost

Another advantage of social sites is that it allows us to communicate for both personal and commercial purposes in a cheap way, if not free. In business, you can definitely find potential customers through social networking sites without spending a fortune at the usual advertising platforms like print or TV. If your business is still small and you have a limited budget, there are sites of social networking definitely a must-try to promote products and services.

When there are advantages, the power of social networking sites has its own set of disadvantages too. Here are some that you need to be aware of


Because it is free, campaigns can be very time consuming. The key here is to find the tools, software, and other solutions that will make the whole process simpler and faster.

Identity Theft

Due to the lack of anonymity, you are exposing your personal information to the public. This can be used for other purposes you may not have the knowledge or permission. Thus, you need to be careful of scams and identity theft. There are several ways to combat these problems, however. With the use of technology, you will be aware of the risks and find the best solutions to prevent these problems from happening to you and your business.


There are advantages and disadvantages to the use of social networking sites. Nevertheless, it is the first to use this technology to survive, especially at this time of cut-throat business promotions. When done right, it’s cheap, effective and can take your business to the next level. As far as disadvantages are concerned, it is a matter of finding the right solution to these shortcomings.


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